School Improvement

At Chestnuts we are totally committed to conituous school improvement. Each year we create a school development plan, outlining the priorities for that academic year.

Over the next 2 years are key priorities are:

Priority 1

To continue to develop our curriculum, ensuring it is broad and balanced with creativity as a driving factor


Priority 2

To improve outcomes across the school in Mathematics


Priority 3

To narrow the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children throughout the school


Priority 4

To continue to develop the role of SLT and middle leaders


Priority 5

To develop all members of staff understanding of SEND, enabling all learners to be appropriately provided for and outcomes for SEND children to improve


Priority 6

To develop our pastoral care of children including the teaching of PSHE, development of a pastoral lead and our core values.


Priority 7

To continue to develop our quality of teaching across the school, ensuring all children’s needs are met and that cross curricular, engaging learning is a strength


This year we have written a 2 year School Development plan to take us through to July 2020. See the plan attached.

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