Nursery Provision

Closing date for Nursery applications for September 2019 is Friday 5th April. 

Places for Three & Four Year Olds 

We are offering places to  three & four year olds on two separate sessions.  Either all day Monday, all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning as Block One or Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and all day Friday as Block 2.  Parents/Carers may use their 15 hours free entitlement to 'purchase' one of these blocks of Nursery teaching.  

We are also able to offer 30 hours for parents that are working. Please see the attached document to see what you are entitled to. 


Additional Hours for Three & Four year olds

We also offer additional top up time if you need slightly more support and want to pay for additional hours.  We offer the purchase the a whole additional block as a first preference which could mean you have full time child care from 9am until 3pm everyday.  Purchasing a whole block would cost you £107.50.  You can get more information from Nursery admissions policy attached.

What to do next?

  • Download a copy of the admission policy and application form and return to school ASAP
  • Email with your queries 

Places for two year olds 

Chestnuts also offers places for two year olds.  The majority of our two year old places are offered to those children who qualify for Early Learning Placements.  Parents will need to demonstrate that you are entitled to Free school Meals, are on income support and require additional support whilst your child is two.  Please see a copy of the Early Learning provision criteria the bottom of this page.  

What do next?

  • Call our nursery on 0208 8002362 asking for more information 
  • Download a copy of the admission policy and application form and return to school ASAP
  • Email our Nursery email address with your queries 
  • If you would like to arrange a visit of our Nursery call 0208 8002362 to arrange a suitable time with our nursery teacher.

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