Our Maths Leader is Miss Quinn (Boudicca class).  She is a very experienced teacher, who has great ideas and expertise on how to improve and support children's Maths skills . Please do not hesitate to contact Ms McNicholl if you need advice or support with your child's Math's related learning. (


Sometimes you might hear us call Maths 'numeracy' - it's the same thing!  

Children have a natural interest in numbers and pattern and we embrace this from the minute they start school! We encourage children to feel positive about their skills as mathematicians and support them to learn across the curriculum and in the wider school. The school reflects our passion for numbers and children love to find maths challenges in the environment, and talk to us about them. Our children report that ‘maths is fun and a great challenge.’

The new maths curriculum is taught to all children in a discreet maths lesson, each day. In our early years we teach Mathematics linked to good practise and the early learning goals. We use songs, stories and ‘numicon’ (a multi- sensory approach) to support concepts.

The learning objectives for Maths are organised under 7 strands:

  • Using and applying mathematics
  • Counting and understanding numbers
  • Knowing and using number facts
  • Calculating
  • Understanding shape
  • Measuring
  • Handling Data

Our children are encouraged to learn their basic number facts and are supported using a personalised learning approach. Children love to learn their tables and are keen to gain all of the school certificates that promote a celebration of their mathematical skills.

Parents can support their children in maths skills by referencing the parents outline for each year group and our pamphlets that explain how we teach maths. In addition, the school runs parents workshops on a regular basis in each key phase.


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