Home learning


 During these two following weeks we our focus book is “The hungry caterpillar” by Eric Carle. Our class is called Eric Carle and we are going to investigate who is Eric Carle and learn about one of his famous books.


We will also start learning about Piet Mondrian his life and his lovely pictures. We will learn and explore about different shapes and primary colours using his pictures.

Skills to focus

-Cutting skills through different activities:  cutting squares and rectangles like Piet Mondrian) cutting different food, focusing on how to hold the scissors.

-Talk about the different days of the week using the Hungry caterpillar book. Today is Monday, what did the caterpillar eat on Monday?

-Counting 1-10 or 1-5 carefully while we create a caterpillar. What will happen to the caterpillar if we add one more circle? And if we remove one? Could you make a long and a short caterpillar?

-Introduce new vocabulary related with food and health, for example vitamins, new recipes names, textures and food.

-Talk about the importance of the ground rules and why they are so important. For example: Why is important to tidy up? What would happen if we don´t tidy up? About sharing and how to be safe.

-Become more independent using the toilet and washing the hands by themselves using soap and water.