We made it to the end of the school year!

Dear Families, 

We cannot thank you enough for your support over this very strange school year. It certainly has not been what I was expecting but we have made it to the end of the school year.

I am so pleased that all of our children have now been able to spend at least some time back at school. There has been a lovely atmosphere in and around the classrooms, with clear evidence that children who may have been anxious, bounce back quickly. Returning to their teachers, friends and classrooms has been a wonderful tonic before the break for summer.

Looking forward to September there are still some logistics to be sorted and risk assessments to be finalised but there are some answers to your questions in the FAQ’s document which I have attached again and updated a little. 

Notice of Friday afternoon PPA time

With the heightened cleaning requirements, and the need to restrict teachers working across classes as much as possible, I wanted to give you advance notice that some schools in our local network, including ourselves, will be using Friday afternoons for teachers' release time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) and enhanced cleaning of the school. In this event, the school week would finish at 1.00 pm on Friday. This arrangement would be a temporary arrangement and would be reviewed at half term. Childcare would be provided for families that need it at no cost. This will also create more opportunities for teachers to work 1:1 with children; supporting them to catch up on any missed learning. 

Nursery will not be closed on a Friday afternoon due to the hours we offer.

Please do keep and eye out for text, email and website updates over the summer, including details of how to sign up for a short (virtual) parent consultation with your child’s new class teacher in September and what the school day/hours will look like for your children. 


Have a fantastic summer break, I really cannot wait to see everyone back in September. Stay safe!


Mrs Horwood