School Photographer

                                                                                                       18th October 2019



We have some exciting news to share, starting with our next visit from Churchbury, (Tues 29th October), our Parents/Carers will be able to view their child’s photograph proofs in an online gallery - using a unique access code.


The Advantages for Parents/Carers:-

  • Parents will be able to log in and register to view a wider choice of photographs (available approx. 7-10 days after shoot)
  • Order online and Mix and Match packages meaning even better value for money, including instant downloads
  • Access codes are unique to each child and the images can only be viewed online using this code
  • Easy ordering options online – Churchbury give a 2-3-week window for parents to place orders. (parents who register with Churchbury also receive a reminder email that time is running out)
  • You arrange for orders to be delivered directly to your home
  • Email reminders and special offers will be sent to parents that register with Churchbury Photographic
  • Orders can still be placed online after window has closed

We think that this will be a much easier and convenient system for our families to use!


Chestnuts Primary School