School closure update 19.03.2020

Coronavirus Update

Further to yesterday evening's briefing, sadly the school will close its doors to the great majority of pupils at 3.35 pm on Friday. From Monday the school will be implementing its plans to ensure children can continue their education at home.  In such unusual times, we feel the most important thing is to keep children motivated and engaged through opportunities to produce work of which they can be really proud.


Home Learning

Teachers have been planning engaging activities that will support the children's development and academic progress.

On the website you will find a tab in class pages called home learning.  This will be updated with 5 English tasks, 5 Maths tasks and 5 other subject area tasks weekly. Please allow some time for teachers to implement this. It will be up and running by 3pm on Monday.

 We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for reading, writing and maths, topic work and the arts - not forgetting the importance of children being active.

As you know, today we will send home the exercise books in which we expect children to work. We would like children to take a real pride in their new books. I can imagine in years to come, these will be treasured.

We will also be sending home 2 chapters from your child’s Maths No Problem workbook alongside the text book that explains the teaching step by step. Please see the Maths section of the website for information on how we teach Maths.

We are also running an Art challenge over this period of time. Please see the ART challenge page of the website!

Each week, we would like families to send one email to their teacher containing a photograph of what they have produced. So as not to inundate our teachers, we ask that families restrict email correspondence to what is absolutely necessary.

At the end of the week your class teacher will send an email celebrating the class's achievements.

We fully understand that the next few weeks will be challenging, with many families having to juggle competing demand for computers, their own work and coping with possible illness. We therefore understand that our expectations may need to be adapted. Likewise, we understand that most parents are not trained teachers. You are however your children's most important teacher. Very simply, clear expectations, encouragement and praise go a long way. Please also take this time to enjoy learning new things together.


Limited School Opening


The government also announced that schools would be required to remain open for the children of key workers and children from 'vulnerable' groups, which would likely include children with EHCPs and those with an allocated social worker.

Once we have more detail here, we will be able to communicate what the provision will look like. In the meantime, if you think it likely that your children will need to continue to attend school, please email Mrs Horwood on Please include your children’s name and classes.


There is a real sense of sadness in the school today, we are going to miss you all and look forward to all coming together again soon. It is now, more than ever, so important for the community to work together to support each other through this difficult period.

With best wishes,

Mrs Horwood