Learning Goals- Resilience

Date: 8th Jan 2018 @ 4:17pm

As part of our PHSE work this term Dahl Class will look at Chestnuts' 8 personal learning goals. This week we were looking at RESILIENCE. As part of this we were asked to write our own stories (personal or fictional) of resilience.


The Shark who learned to swim

Once upon a time, there was a small shark who lived with his parents. He lived in the sea so should know how to swim. The shark adored to go to the deep end of the ocean to make new friends. His parents go into the ocean to collect fish for him. One day, when he woke up early and his mum and dad were still asleep he decided to explore the deep end of the ocean.

When he arrived at the deep end of the sea he spotted a great white shark who was already looking for food. This baby shark couldn't swim but he was just learning so he just slithered along the sand. Unfortunately the humungous shark was coming for him. With all his might he tried to swim away. He remembered what his parents said, "nenevr give up and use all your strength in your legs". He did this and so he managed to swim away from his own sharp teeth.



By Khabeer and Isaac

Year 3

Dahl Class