The Garden Classroom


Next gardening day:

Join us on Sunday 19th of May from 10.30am to 12.30. Everybody welcome


A few parents and carers have helped to bring the school garden back to life. Our aim is for it to become a garden classroom. With lots of spaces and resources available to teachers and children to interact with nature and the outdoors.

This could include observing insects and wildlife in the pond; growing flowers, veg and herbs; making bug hotels; harvesting rainwater; making a weather station. Activities could include writing poetry, drawing and painting inspired by what they see and feel.And of course, growing some veg for the kitchen.


For the last year we've had monthly work mornings to repair and refresh the raised beds, prune the trees and shrubs, as well as plant raspberry and strawberry beds. The school is also in discussion with a local non-profit gardening company called Organic Lea. We are looking for funding for them to run gardening sessions with classes. We also want to replace the wooden fence and repair the pond lining.

A further initiative is to provide a space for Hebalists Without Borders. They will use the herbs we grow to make basic medicines and remedies for Refugees and migrants in Calais and beyond. They are willing to run workshops for children and adults to learn about herbs as well.

If you'd like to get involved please contact . Also look out for posters for the next work morning, or come to the garden after drop off or before pick up, as one of us is usually pottering around there!