Our vision

Our Vision Statement has been re-written in 2016 with the help of staff, governors, parents and carers. In the years to come the school will build on this vision and continue to embody these values.

At Chestnuts Primary School, we are proud that our pupils are well-rounded, happy, respectful children who feel cared for and valued. Our pupils’ attainment is in-line with the national average and they make better-than-average progress during their time with us. Our pupils also have high levels of attendance and are engaged with their learning.

We believe that learning should be fun, and that children should have a strong voice in driving their learning.

Chestnuts Primary School will help pupils develop into young people who are:

  • Ambitious and Creative
  • Responsible and Respectful
  • Compassionate and Curious
  • Resilient and Tolerant

We believe our pupils need these values in the classroom, the school and the wider world.

Chestnuts provides a broad and stimulating curriculum, encouraging a love of learning and allowing all pupils to make excellent progress and achieve high standards.

As well as concentrating on core subjects, we will increase and improve the role of Art, Drama, Music, PE, Gardening and Cooking, and encourage the use of different learning environments.

Our diverse school requires a diverse approach to learning, reflecting our pupil’s strengths and interests and preparing them for the challenges of secondary school, and their aspirations beyond. We encourage and support flexi-schooling, attachment in education and experience-led learning in order to meet all our pupil’s needs.

We have an inclusive and nurturing approach to children and their families who may need additional support, including children with Special Educational Needs, Looked After Children and children with English as an additional language.

Our staff are valued, well-trained and supported, both in their roles and in their well-being. Our teachers are encouraged to use innovative and creative teaching to improve outcomes. 

Our nursery and reception classes are a nurturing, stimulating and inspiring early years environment, where we support children in every aspect of their development. We provide a high-quality foundation stage, preparing children for the challenges of primary school.

Our inclusive school environment celebrates difference and diversity, and emphasises equality, respect and empathy. Each pupil’s needs are met, and each pupil feels welcome, valued, safe and happy.

We support and nurture our community through strong partnerships with pupils, parents, other schools and the wider local community, and through participation in, and development of, the Green Lanes Co-operative Trust. The Governing Body supports success through effective and transparent governance.

Our school encourages and fosters open and honest communication with parents and carers, actively seeking to engage with all members of our diverse community.


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