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Ms Livingstone


Dear All,

We are entering the next stage of coming out of lockdown. School is continuing to be open for children of key workers (which now totals 50 children as many people are expected to go back in to work). I will be teaching one of the key workers groups. All the classrooms have been laid out, with tables two metres apart and we will be encouraging social distancing. There will be staggered arrival and departure times from school. School will be a very different place than before. 

Year 6 will be returning on the 8th, if all goes well year 1 will return on the 15th and then Reception on the 22nd June. It looks unlikely that year 5 will return but I hope to have a week with you before the summer. It will be very funny to go back and not have my lovely class. I miss you all immensely. 

I will continue to upload work on to the website and there will also be zoom meetings once a week on a Monday (in groups of 15). This week on Wednesday.  

Hope you are all well and I see you on zoom soon, 

Ms Livingstone  

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