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Ms Quinn

Hello All,

As we come to the end of the first week back at school, I am so excited to have seen what the children of Mandela Class continue to be capable of! With a thoroughly smashed spelling test, I can tell that they are all focused and ready to tackle the year ahead. I'll hand this blog over to the children over the next couple of weeks and put up a timetable so you can watch out for their contribution. 

I have to use this opportunity to share these pictures of one of our first maths lessons though: it might look like chaos (!), but a combination of using the tables as our notebooks and grapes as counters lead to one of the richest reasoning lessons I've taught. (still figuring out how to incorporate images into this section, so for now they should appear in the file section..) If you've got some grapes at home, try this problem:

Altogether, Ms Quinn, Ms Potter and Mr Stewart have 23 grapes. Ms Potter has 5 more than Ms Quinn, and Ms Quinn has 3 less than Mr Stewart. How many grapes does each teacher have?

Good luck parents! Spellings uploaded as well..



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Women's suffrage week, by Ms Horwood

Women's suffrage week, by Ms Horwood

Women's suffrage week, by Ms Horwood