Attenborough class 2018 - 2019

Miss Banuik

Hello everyone,

This year in Attenborough class things have gotten a little wild! Our class have been learning about David Attenborough and his passion for wildlife, particularly how he has put his time towards helping to save it. We have become experts on what the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) do to help save our planet and have even taken a page out of David Attenborough's book by getting the entire school involved with Wear it Wild Day on October 20th 2017. We are really enjoying researching our topic using the internet and finding out more about the planet we live on. 

In Attenborough class we are all unique, imaginative and enthusiastic people who work very hard to always try our best in all areas of learning and life! We are kind to one another and have already shown a great amount of empathy to not only our friends, but the endangered animals found all over the world. We REALLY enjoy Art, Science and coming up with ways to SAVE OUR PLANET! 

Everyone looks out for one another and treats each other with kindness.

With all that being said we have all decided that....



The Homework and Spellings have been added on here, just in case anyone has lost their paper. 

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