Malala's Poetry Assembly by Jacob and Abdul

Date: 29th Jan 2018 @ 1:09pm

On Wednesday, Malala class (the best class in Chestnutswink) did an amazing poetry assembly. There were five groups, who did a poem each, they were called : Don't forget your capital letters and your full stops, Don't bring camels in the classroom, Why English is so hard to learn, Dear Mister Peabody and Strict. Dear Mister Peabody is a special poem because the group came up with it themselveslaugh.

Strict was performed by the whole class,boys as the teacher and girls as the whiny children.The audience loved ityes and laughed a lotlaugh .Dont bring camels in the classroom didn't go quite as planned when we forgot our linesblush,but overall it was a great assembly and we hope everyone enjoyed ityes.

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